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St Albans, Hertfordshire

Current Helpful information!

Please bare with us during this difficult current situation

In our butchers shop & on the farm we are all working very hard to keep everything running as smoothly as possible, thank you.



Here are a few tips to help you understand what we can offer at the moment:



- 4pm to 5pm is reserved for key workers, elderly and vulnerable customers


- Collection of orders is best after 10am & before 4pm if possible


- Orders can be placed by email or by phone, if there is no answer, we are simply busy with the animals, leave your name & number slowly so we can return your call asap


- We do have most items in stock as well as frozen turkeys available for bigger meals


- All cuts of chicken, including eggs, and pork are very limited due to the suppliers


- We will not run out of beef and lamb, but again amounts are limited to each customer


- ALL items are limited to ensure there is enough available for everyone


- Only one person or couple are allowed in the shop at anytime to reduce contact and avoid confusion....You can stand outside the shop door if you wish to stay enjoying the sunshine and fresh air!



- Please use the driveway car park to leave the front of the shop for people to keep 2 metres apart if waiting and for anyone with disabilities to park there instead.






If you are going out for a walk PLEASE KEEP DOGS ON THE LEAD when crossing any farm ground and stay to marked footpaths, animals are vulnerable all year round but especially now due to spring births!


Empty looking fields of "just soil" are probably currently being drilled so we have crops to harvest for animals feed, beer and bread etc.


Again, please stay to the paths and respect the ground, the wet winter means little tracter work has been possible.