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Tuesday to Saturday

9AM to 5PM



Current information!

Here are a few tips to help you understand what we can offer at the moment:


- Please try to visit us alone or as a couple to help with social distancing.

- Only 2 'bubbles' are allowed to be in the shop at any time and masks are needed 


- Orders can be placed a minimum of 36 hours in advance to ensure items are saved for you or you can come to the farm as normal to buy meat over the counter.


- If you do place an order, collection is best after 10am & before 5pm, afternoons are usually quieter!


- Orders can be placed by email or by phone, if there is no answer, we are simply busy with the animals, leave your name & number slowly so we can return your call asap, we are just busy with the animals!



- When ordering by email, let us know which day you wold like to collect on and please include the amounts of each item you would like, we do not offer any pre packed items


It is best that your email order includes:

- Full name

- A list of the items and quantities you would like, for example:


2x6 cumberland sausages

3x4 Pork burgers

1 Lamb Shoulder




- Please use the driveway car park to leave the front of the shop for people to keep 2 metres apart if waiting and for anyone with disabilities to park there instead.


- We do take cash or card payments other than American Express 


- A pricelist can be sent to you to help with item names and orders if you ask via email.



Please bare with us during this difficult current situation

In our butchers shop & on the farm we are all working very hard to keep everything running as smoothly as possible, thank you.







If you are going out for a walk PLEASE KEEP DOGS ON THE LEAD when crossing any farm ground and stay to marked footpaths, animals are vulnerable all year round but especially now with young at foot.


PLEASE AVOID fields with young livestock!


Please BAG & BIN any dog feaces, it is vital.

A worm found in dog faeces (not eliminated by most worm treatments) results in miscarriages of calves during late pregnancy if ingested by cows.