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Tuesday to Saturday

9AM to 5PM




We offer most cuts of lamb on a daily basis


If you would like to try somehting different just ask one of our team


Whole/Half Lambs to order only

(1 weeks notice is needed)


Leg of Lamb

Shoulder of Lamb

Boned & Rolled Shoulder/Leg

Lamb Steaks

Lamb Cutlets

Loin/Barnsley Chops

Neck Fillets

Diced Lamb

Shoulder Steaks

Breast of Lamb

Lamb Noissettes

Lamb Mince

Lamb & Mint Burgers

Stewing Lamb



Mutton is also available most weeks diced or can be

ordered on the bone



Our lambs graze Hertfordshire fields here at Hedges Farm


We have mainly native breeds of sheep, producing tender lamb with good covering


All of our lambs are born here between January and April


The ewes will only spend a few weeks here at the farm yard during lambing to be housed at night and then return to being free range in fields around St Albans


The only time any extra food is offered to our sheep is during lambing to ensure the ewes take in sufficient minerals and protiens during late pregnancy


Extra home prduced hay is be offered to our sheep cold during winter months

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